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Founded in 1961, Shanghai Valve Factory CO., LTD. (SVF is called in short hereafter) is located in the suburb of ShanghaiAnting district, neighboring Shanghai Volkswagen Motor Co., Ltd. And specialized in designing, manufacturing and selling valves with the field area of about 70, 000 M2 and Building area of over 32, 000 M2. There are 582 Staff and employees. Of them, 8 senior engineers, 21 engineers and 42 technicians, most of which were graduated from universities and

colleges. In the past 40 years SVF undertook many important and key state-level projects, such as the valves used for rich uranium application in 1962, the Main Steam Stop Valve, Main Feedwater Stop valve and Main reheat Steam Stop valve for 1st 125 MW fossil power plant in China in 1968, Daqing oil field in 1968, the main valves for 1st 300 MW fossil power plant in China in 1972, 1st 300 MW nuclear power station near Shanghai in 1989 and Pakistan in 1994, as well as various reactors and military industries. So, our engineers and employees gained experiences and SVF is honored to take a leading position in China valve industry.

In the past 40 years or so SVF gradually formed following valve system: Gate valve, Globe valve, Check valve, butterfly valve and Ball valve. The valve design and manufacturing conform to GB, API, BS, DIN and JIS standard latest edition respectively. The materials for the valves are Carbon steel such as WCB, WCC, LCB, LCC and A105, Alloy steel such as WC6, WC9, C5, C12, C12A, LC1, LC2, LC3 and LC4, and Austenitic stainless steel such as CF8, CF8M, CF3, CF3M, CK20, F304, F304, F316 and F316L. The max. DN is 140"(DN3500), the max. Pressure is #4500 (PN750), the highest service temperature is 1100 centigrade, the lowest temperature is -190 centigrade. These valves are continuously innovated and improved so that they are advanced in design, performances and quality compared with others in the world. Quality is the life of an enterprise. We have been paying more attention to upgrading and advancing measuring and monitoring means, as well as establishment and improvement of quality system at SVF, for example a 1st hot test loop in China, RT, MT, UT, PT, microstructure test and pressure test tables. Every procedure is strictly controlled from design, raw material entry, manufacturing, delivery, services provision to end-users to satisfy customer's requirements.

SVF first designed and manufactured API valves to USA in 1981 in China, and than has been exporting the valves to USA, Germany and other countries. At that time we completely adopted ANSI and ASTM standards. To take part in international competition and adapt into international practices, SVF had got the API 6D Certificate in 1987. In 1995 the DNV issued the ISO 9001 Certificate to us. In 2002 we received the CE Certificate. We have possessed the Qualification Certificates to supply our valves to fossil power plant and nuclear power plant. Of course, we had early got the Qualification Certificates for the Military Industries, Petroleum Industry and Petrochemistry Industry. SVF is one of the biggest valve manufacturers to Petroleum Industry and Petrochemistry Industry.